One Semester Left!!!

As the Winter semester comes to an end, I am coming to the realization that I only have one semester left of school and I will FINALLY have my bachelor's degree. It has only taken me 10 years from the time I graduated from high school, but I have done it. Now here's the question...what should I do with it??

Things are starting to settle down a little bit. I get a couple weeks off from school. We almost have a functioning living room. Ron started laying flooring over his long Thanksgiving weekend (pictures to come), and it is about half way done. There is enough floor down that I will be able to put up a Christmas tree, which means I get to go buy one this weekend! I will also be digging the rest of the decorations from the storage closet. Only being married a little over a year, I don't have many yet, but I am making the most of what we do have. For the first time ever, I will have lights on the outside of my own house. I am actually a little excited about it!

In other news, I have been reading the book Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser and I believe it may have cured me of my addiction. If anyone else out there suffers from fast food-itis, I will be more than happy to let you borrow it when I am done.

Ron has started his own little blog with some friends. They will be posting movie reviews of both new and older movies. We see a lot of them, so check it out. You might see something you find interesting. I have a link over on the side, but it is http://mooveenerds.blogspot.com/. Now you can add it to your favorites and stay up to date with movies to see and movies to stay away from!

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