The end of the world must be coming...

...because I am updating my blog! I really just never know what to say. Who wants to read about our uneventful lives. I am almost 100% certain that no one reads it anyway, which means I could probably say anything I want and get away with it...but for anyone that might be reading, I won't!

I changed the background, which I am sure Ron is going to hate, but I wanted something more "Springy." I also added some new songs to our play list, making it a pretty eclectic mix of music. I hope you enjoy it...music means a lot to both of us.

So, I have started to take a stab at the art of cake decorating (maybe I will get way high-tech and post a slide show). Until today, I thought I had the baking and taste portion of my cakes down to an art form...but I tried a new recipe for some cupcakes and had a mini disaster. Do you ever notice that you only have food disasters when you are making the food for someone besides your family (work, for example)? I attempted to make a triple-strawberry batch of cupcakes. The first set I put in the oven sank in the middle-like, really bad! I "googled" what may have caused it, but nothing fit my situation. I added some extra flour, which kind of worked. I just called the whole batch an aesthetic loss (they still taste fantastical), and piped some frosting on them. Needless to say, I won't be using that recipe again!