I did it!

I am finally done with school! There was a bit of doubt for a little while with an awful anthropology class. I won't share the grade, all you need to know is that I passed! I never could have done this without the support (loving pressure to go back) of my family. I have put Ron through so many nights of him being in charge of dinner and cleaning while I was in class or locked in the room doing homework. He is probably more excited I am done than I am!

As everyone has been asking me what's next, I wonder the same thing myself. Maybe a family, maybe more school (yeah right). At the top of the list is making my house livable and losing the weight I gained from going back to school. Working full time and taking classes full time sure has taken its toll on my body-maybe more than anything else! I have seen the success of running in my awesome-est sister in law, and am inspired to start doing it myself. I am starting small, but building up for a half-marathon in September. I have also been asked to attempt a sprint triathlon with my aunt and another half marathon in Moab with her in December. I am going to need a lot of support, so start cheering me on now!